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Sponsors (Show Sponsorship)

The National Honey Show are looking for sponsors to help fund the lecture programme and lecture videos in future years.

2016 Sponsors

E.H. Thorne (Beehives) Ltd
Queen Genetics and Keeping Breeding Lines Pure by Sue Cobey and The History of Instrumental Insemination of Honey Bee Queens by Sue Cobey.

Bee Culture
Colony Collapse Disorder - An American Perspective by Dave Tarpy.

Local Breeding Programmes - How to Ensure Success by Sue Cobey.

BBWear Ltd
SHB Dealing With Them for Over 15 Years by Dave Tarpy.

British Beekeepers Association
Young Regality: A Day in the Life of a Young Honey Bee Queen by Dave Tarpy.

The Bee Farmers Association
Can Science Save our Bees - The Role of Apimondia by Phil McCabe.

BJ Sherriff
The BFA Apprentices - How we came to Bee! by Bee Farmers.

Root Candles
The New World Carnolian Project by Sue Cobey.

British Beekeepers Association
The Biology of the Honey Bee Nutrition and What it Means to the Beekeeper by Dave Tarpy.

The Central Association of Bee-Keepers
Young Regality: A Day in the Life of a Young Honey Bee Queen by Dave Tarpy.

Northern Bee Books
Instrumental Insemination, the History, Techniques and Future Possibilities by Susan Cobey.

Mr R Blaxland
The Jean Blaxland Memorial Lecture: The Bee Team; why size matters and pollinator diversity is so important by Brigit Strawbridge.

We're grateful to the CB Dennis Trust for sponsoring the National Honey Show Lecture Programme for 2016.

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The National Honey Show gratefully acknowledges the sponsorship of The Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers and Mr R Blaxland, former Master of the Wax Chandlers.