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National Honey Show

2018 Dates

Thursday 25th to Saturday 27th October 2018.


Sandown Park Racecourse, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9AJ, UK.

News and Announcements

National Honey Show news and announcements.

29/10/2018 - 2019 Show Dates
Thursday 24th October to Saturday 26th October 2019.
The new schedule will be available from August.

28/10/2018 - Website Updates
Sides shows published for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Results and judges comments for classes 5 and 6 published in PDF format.
All publicity photographs uploaded to Dropbox.
See 2018 Results.

22/10/2018 - National Honey Show National Council
This National Council listing wasn't finalised in time for the 2018 Schedule and is available for download: National Council 2018 [53KB PDF]

21/10/2018 - Asian Hornets in Jersey
Bob Hogge talks on Asian Hornets in Jersey. Asian Hornets have now been discovered over a wide area and are a threat to all of us. Bob Hogge, a Jersey beekeeper, will share experiences from Jersey where these hornets are now established.
Saturday 10:00 Bob Hogge: 30 minute seminar about Asian Hornets in Jersey (Eclipse Pavilion, Third Floor Rooms 6-8)

06/10/2018 - Changes to Fridays Lecture Timings
Change in main lecture timings from 11am on Friday (as Mike Williams has commitments Friday morning)

Friday 26 October
9.30. Michael Smith: "Honey bee sociometry: tracking honey bee colony growth from birth until death"
11.00. Clarence Collison: "The Glandular System of Honey Bees"
14.00. Michael Smith: "Seasonal shifts and uncertain futures: how honey bee workers manage their drone comb"
16.00. Mike Williams: "The Bee Sting and its effect on Humans "
Apologies, unavoidable, but if this means anyone has to miss the very lecture they wanted to attend, you'll be able to catch up on YouTube when published early in 2019.

05/10/2018 - Trade Hall Layout
Download the 2018 Trade Hall Layout [3.4MB]

17/09/2018 - New Guidance for Overseas Exhibitors
Download Comprehensive Guidance for Overseas Exhibitors [117KB PDF]

25/8/2018 - Changes to Workshop Schedule
Dan Basterfield workshop has moved from Saturday afternoon to Saturday morning and two additional workshops on Saturday, Identifying Pollen from Honey and Making Honey Beer at Home.

14/08/2018 - Completed Update
The 2018 Schedule has been uploaded and all pages are this years schedule. Setup the 2018 workshops on TicketSource, sales open 1st September.

31/07/2018 - Updates
Updated Workshop Booking page.
Updated the Schedule pages (work in progress).
Added summer newsletter to home page.
Download the National Honey Show Summer Newsletter in PDF format:
National Honey Show Summer 2018 Newsletter (16KB).

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