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National Honey Show

Welcome to the 2019 (88th) National Honey Show

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2018 awards presented by Bill Turnbull

National Honey Show

Promoting the highest quality honey and wax products with international classes, lecture convention, workshops and beekeeping equipment trade show.

The new schedule will be available from August.

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NewBees STICKY Festival - Only on Saturday 26th at the 2019 National Honey Show - For young bee-keepers and the curious to meet, listen, join in.

NewBees STICKY Festival - Saturday 26th October at the 2019 National Honey Show - For young bee-keepers and the curious to meet, listen, join in.

Venue and Dates

Sandown Park Racecourse, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9AJ, UK, from Thursday 24th to Saturday 26th October 2019.

Dogs are not permitted on site unless they are assistance dogs.
Camping is not permitted.

Opening Times

Thursday 24th October
Lectures and Restaurant 9.00am – 6.00pm
Trade Hall 12:00 noon – 6.00pm
Honey Show 2.00pm – 6.00pm
Friday 25th October
9.00am – 6.00pm
Saturday 26th October
8.30am – 4.30pm


Non-Members: £12 CASH for daily admission which can only be purchased at the show. Day visitors can visit the whole show and attend any lectures on that day.

Purchase Membership £20.00 - Members are entitled to FREE admission for all three days. Members can receive a copy of the schedule by post, visit the whole show, attend any lectures across all three days, and can book workshop places from 1st September.

Accompanied children, 16 yrs and under: FREE.

Message from the Chairman

As usual we have a fantastic line up of Lectures, Workshops and our largest ever trade show. This year our long-term sponsor and patron, the Worshipful Company of Wax Chandlers, has kindly agreed to sponsor some new wax classes in addition to the generous support they already provide. The new classes are class 50 - Three Ornamental Beeswax Candles made by moulding and matching in all respects and Class 56 - Beeswax wrap, two matching pieces. Have a go. There can only ever be one ‘first winner’ of these classes. It could be you! I think it is fair to say that without the fantastic support of the Wax Chandlers the show would be a very poor version of the world class event we have today.

I am delighted to welcome new show sponsors Kerax Ltd. Kerax is the only dedicated large scale wax blending plant in UK supplying an extensive range of waxes, wax blends and petroleum jellies for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, industrial and commercial use.

The Wax Chandlers and Kerax will have stands at the show so please visit them and find out more about their activities. We are also grateful for continued support from the Jockey Club who own Sandown Park.

Do make time to visit our largest ever trade show and spend your money to support our traders. They make a huge effort to support our show so please support them.

We are also planning more activities for our younger beekeepers. We have 8 classes for Juniors to enter the show and we have new activities planned for our young and potential beekeepers.

It is very satisfying for me to walk around the show and watch everyone having a great time. I have a number of jobs during the show but my most important role, all year round, is to make sure our show has a bright future. That means a continual quest for funding. One way that registered charities such as the National Honey Show fund their activities is through Legacies. If you have enjoyed visiting the show over the years, leaving a legacy will help to ensure the future of this historic event. It’s easy and you don’t need to rewrite your will. You don’t have to leave thousands of pounds (although that would be lovely!) - every little helps.

We look forward to seeing you at the Show and hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

Bob Maurer

Dates for future shows: 22nd to 24th October 2020 and 21st to 23rd October 2021 at Sandown Park Racecourse, Esher, Surrey, UK.

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General Stewards

Volunteers will be needed this year please apply to the Chief Steward.

Honey Judge Paul Boyle and Margaret Murdin

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