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National Honey Show

BeeCraft Lecture 2016

Main Lecture 2016

Lecture Programme 2019

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All last years main lectures can be viewed on YouTube from Lecture Videos.

There is no booking for lectures, seats are available on a first come first served bases.

Please be aware that National Honey Show Members and those with a daily admission ticket can attend lectures and book into Workshops.

The lecture programme may change for a variety of reasons. Substitutions may have a different topic from that intended and with a different speaker.

Main Lecture Programme

Gold Cup Suite

Thursday 24th October
09:00 Doors Open
09:30 Ralph Büchler: "Varroa resistance characters and selection protocols"
11:00 John Donoghue: "Managing Bees For the Honey Crop"
12:30 Jo Widdicombe: "The Principles of Bee Improvement"
15:00 Ralph Büchler: "Environmental adaptation of honey bees and its consequences for selection"
16:30 Harmen van der Ende: "Our Beekeeping method on the island Terschelling"
18:00 Doors Close

Friday 25th October
09:00 Doors Open
09:30 Mary Montaut “Bees & Plants: the Best of Friends”
11:00 Ralph Büchler: "Sustainable Varroa management based on biological and technical methods"
14:00 John Chambers: "Basic Honey Bee Genetics For Beekeepers"
16:00 Shona Blair: "Honey - a sweet solution against superbugs"
18:00 Doors Close

Saturday 26th October
08:30 Doors Open
09:00 Irene Power: "Efficient beekeeping for the busy Beekeeper"
10:30 Simon Rees: "Langstroth: father of modern beekeeping or a man in the right place at the right time?"
13:00 Ralph Büchler: "Understanding the complex biology of honey bee colonies and its links to colony health"
14:30 Simon Rees: "How bees fly"
15:45 Presentation of Trophies and Awards
17:00 Show Closes

Lecture Programme for Beginners

Saturday 26th October
The Beginners Programme is intended for those who are in their early years of beekeeping, perhaps up to two years experience. The topics have been carefully chosen as being relevant to those new to the craft, with many of the things covered that beginners are often confronted with in their early years. The presenters are experienced beekeepers who are used to teaching, so they will pitch their presentations at the relevant level, with little or no overlap.
It is strongly recommended that beginners attend all presentations and that local beekeeping associations or groups encourage their members to attend. It may be attendees are visiting the National Honey Show for the first time, so the programme has been arranged to allow time for beginners to see the exhibits and visit the trade stands.

Grandstand View

09:00 Roger Patterson: "Sound and Simple Beekeeping"
10:45 Brian P. Dennis: "Winter through to Spring"
12:45 Irene Power: "Observations from outside the hive"
14:15 Jim Ryan: "Beekeeping without too many mistakes, How I manage my bees and why"

Beginners who have enjoyed these lectures in the past, may wish to enrol for Workshops, where the topics are covered in more detail.

Bee Craft Research Lectures

Friday 26th October

Solario Suite

10:00 - to be announced
11:15 - to be announced
12:30 - to be announced
13:45 - to be announced
15:00 - to be announced

Speaker Profiles and Presentations


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Quick links: Main Programme, Beginners Programme, Bee Craft Programme.

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