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National Honey Show

Class 96

Kids Fun

3.Bee Activity Full - Colouring In

Six multiple choice questions - Do you know the answers?

1. Why do we have a UK National Honey Show?

  1. To show off our best honey?
  2. To encourage professional presentation of bee products, including honey?
  3. For beekeepers to get together hear the talks and catch up on the latest news.
  4. All of the above

2. What time of year do bees make honey?

  1. Spring
  2. Summer
  3. Autumn
  4. Whenever the weather is sunny and flowers are producing nectar

3. Why is the National Honey Show held in October?

  1. Because beekeepers are too busy looking after their bees and preparing for the local and national honey show all summer.
  2. Because it is the end of the season and beekeepers can enter this year’s honey in the show and win prizes.

4. What do bees do in winter?

  1. Migrate to somewhere warm
  2. hibernate
  3. huddle together and wait for warm sunny days and spring

6.  What other products from the hive are on display at the National Honey Show?

  1. beeswax
  2. wax candles
  3. cakes
  4. biscuits
  5. mead
  6. honey beer

You can see examples in the Slide Shows on the National Honey Show website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Do all bees produce the same colour and texture honey?
A.  Honey can vary from almost white, to dark brown, and from runny to firmly set.

You can see examples in the Slide Shows on the National Honey Show website.

Q.  What do these differences depend on?
A.  The local flowers. Some flowers and farm crops produce very distinctive types of honey e.g. the yellow fields of oil seed rape and heather.

Download Activity Sheets

  1. Bee Activity Spot the Difference [1.3MB PDF]
  2. Bee Activity Zoom - Colouring In [1.59MB PDF]
  3. Bee Activity Full - Colouring In [1.71MB PDF]
  4. Questions and FAQ Sheet [24KB PDF]

Answers:  1: (4).  2: Mostly (1) and (2).   3: (1) and (2).  4: (3).  6:  All of these.

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