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National Honey Show

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The idea behind the honey show mailing list is to further communications between other National Honey Show subscribers, traders, visiting beekeepers from all over of the world.

You can take part in discussions about the "National Honey Show" and help make the 2018 honey show the best ever. (See disclaimer at bottom of page)

To join the National Honey Show Internet mailing list click here* and SEND the message and await for further instruction to complete the subscription process. *If this doesn't work for you use the manual subscription process.

Manual subscription instructions

Send e-mail to: and write in the message body OR subject field "subscribe nhs-L" (NO quotes).

Send the message in the normal way, within a few hours or less you will receive a subscription message to check your e-mail address. Follow the instructions to complete the joining of the National Honey Show mailing list.

When the subscription process has been completed you can start writing to the National Honey Show mailing list and all other subscribers with this address:

To avoid our mailing list messages going to SPAM or JUNK folders please whitelist our mailserver and mailing list addresses.


The processes required to subscribe and unsubscribe are automated. Address check messages are occasionally sent out which should be ignored to stay on the list.

Abuse of the service will not be tolerated and offenders will be removed without explanation.


Membership of the National Honey Show mailing list is not related to membership of the National Honey Show. The views expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily the views of the National Honey Show.

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